North Sea Lubricants

North Sea Lubricants B.V. is a major independent lubricating oil brand and global player based in the Netherlands. Formed by key stakeholders in the lubricant industry, North Sea Lubricants provides a comprehensive selection of European manufactured high quality lubricants for today’s ever developing market.

North Sea Lubricants B.V. purely uses high quality base oils  & additive technologies when formulating and blending its lubricants. Synthetic and high quality solvent-refined base oils resulting in a comprehensive product range which are ideal for use for any desired application.

North Sea Lubricants B.V.’s laboratory carefully conducts durability & other tests to guarantee the expected European top quality for a performance meeting today’s ever developing market.

North Sea Lubricants B.V. offers a comprehensive range of products, from the small two-stroke motor cycles engine oils, to heavy duty trucking engine oils to the two-stroke cylinder oils for marine applications.